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Tote Seal

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Arrowlock Plastic "press click" Tote Seals for Tote Boxes

These Tote Box Seals are an effective low cost method for sealing tote boxes. Used in many industries including retail stores and pharmaceutical transportation and storage. Specially designed locking mechanism for specific models of tote boxes and it can be easily removed by hand

Essential Details
PRODUCT SIZE:Length :36mm ,Hight :19mm ,Width :12mm
MATERIAL: Polypropylene
PRINTING:Laser printing
Customer's company name logo, Sequential numbers,barcode, QR code
COLOR:Red/Orange/Yellow/ Green/ Blue/White
Customized color
PACKING: 5000pcs/box
BOX DIMENSION: 32 x 28.5 x 32cm
G.W. PER BOX: 4.8kg



Operation Steps
Check if the seal number is correct.
Insert the seal into the corresponding hole of the tote box.
Record seal number as required.
Inspect seal for tampering and matching serial numbers before removal by hand.
Product Details
Tote seal
Various Color Available
1 (694)
1 (692)
1 (698)
Product Advantages
• Easy to install and remove.
• Its four anchor points provide more security.
• Faster application compared to a strap seal.
• More cost effective than conventional strap seals.
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