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Plastic Seals Without Inserted

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300MM Tamper Proof Pull Tight Plastic Security Seal

The seal does more than most other seals when securing your assets. When the seal is locked correctly, the toes protrude through the back of the locking chamber. This feature ensures proper sealing and at the same time prevents tampering from the back of the seal.

Available in other two lengths - 200mm, 400mm

Essential Details
PRODUCT SIZE:Total length 300mm, Tape daimeter 4mm
Useful length 253mm, Tag size 47mm*18mm
MATERIAL: Polyethylene
PRINTING:Laser printing/Hot stamping/Thermaltransfer
customized name & logo, serial numbers, barcode/QR code
COLOR:Red/Orange/Yellow/ Green/ Blue/White
Customized color
PACKING: 1,000pcs/Carton
CARTON DIMENSION: 40 x 24 x 25cm
G.W. PER CARTON: 3.1kg



Locking Instructions
Check if the seal number is correct.
Insert the strap into the hole and pull it tight.
Record seal number as required
To remove it by cutter.
Various Color Available
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Why Choose Us

Firstly,we are specialized in the manufacturing for 10 years. We have experienced production team.

Secondly,we have a variety of products mainly including container bolt seals, cable seals, plastic seals, padlock seals, meter seals, and so on.

Thirdly,our one -stop seal solutions will offer comprehensive service from design, tooling punching and injection. The overall process will make the schedule shorter and quality stable.

Lastly,as we are manufacturer, we can control the cost more effective.

Product Advantages

• Ribbed tail plastic strap seal for securing trucks,containers, doors
• Optional gripping prongs.
• The combination of increased strength and a thinner diameter is a critical benefit when securing items that require the seals to fit through small apertures.


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