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Metal Inserted Seals

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360MM Smooth Ribbon Pull Tight Plastic Strap Seal With Tear-off

The seal is manufactured with gripping spikes, a label holder and a tear off tag as standard. The design profile is unique and features rolled heat staking technology to secure the metal spring insert to the body, thus providing clear evidence of tampering if forced open or cut. No tools or cutters are required to remove.

A-028 is thev series of A-029, without tear-off

Essential Details
PRODUCT SIZE:Total length 360mm, Tape width 4mm
Useful length 300mm, Tag size 56mm*25mm
MATERIAL:Polypropylene & Metal clips
PRINTING:Laser printing/Hot stamping/Thermal transfer
customized name & logo, serial numbers, barcode/QR code
COLOR:Red/Orange/Yellow/ Green/ Blue/White
Customized color
PACKING: 1,000pcs/Carton
CARTON DIMENSION: 55 x 27.5 x 17cm
G.W. PER CARTON: 5.3kg



Sealing Procedure
Check if the seal number is correct.
Put the seal around the item to be sealed.
Insert and push the end of the seal into and through the locking barre.
Record seal number and contents for later verification.
To remove pull the release tab downward away from flag
Product Details

Product Advantages
• The tear-off section of the flap (Y-029) allows for the quick and easy removal of the seal upon application and visible tamper evidence
• High strength strap seal (tape width 4.0mm) suitable for a wide range of applications.

Q: If your factory is ISO 9001: 2015 certificated?

A: Yeah, our factory is ISO9001: 2015 certificated.

Q: How do you control product quality?

A: 1. We use branded raw plastic material, add enough Merck additive to keep the lasering very stable.

2. The metal insert is also high-quality stainless-steel material.

3. We use auto-machine as much as possible to keep the quality stabl.

4. All of our seals need experience 100% inspection.

Q: Do you offer after-sale service?

A: Yeah, we have after-sale service. We will track the logistics when the order been sent out. If customer has any comment, pls feel free to contact with us. It’s important for us. We will try our best to meet customer’s requirement.


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