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Fixed-length Security Ball metal Embossed seal for Container

The fixed length metal strap seal that is easy to install and can be embossed with a company name and consecutive numbers. The seal is manufactured with a double wire locking mechanism encased within the ball to secure your shipment and provide increased tamper resistance. The seal’s tail is inserted into the head/balloon part and the internal double steel spring clamps the tail in place.

Essential Details
PRODUCT SIZE:Total length 215mm and strap width 8.0mm
Average tensile strength above 60 kg (132 lbs)
MATERIAL: Tin plated steel
Customer's company name logo, Sequential numbers
COLOR:Metallic color
PACKING: 1000pcs/box
BOX DIMENSION: 36 x 27 x 22cm
G.W. PER CARTON: 12.0kg



Operation Steps

Check if the seal number is correct.
Insert the metal strap fully until the locking tooth clicks into place.
Record seal number and contents.
Use a cable cutter to remove.

Product Details
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Product Advantages
• It’s economical compare with high security bolt seal, and can also used in shipping containers.
• It’s a fixed-length tamper-evident seal.
• The double locking barbs which offer audible evidence of proper engagement and locking.

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